Summer Twins

By Ashley Bennett

Posted February 23, 2012 in Music


Chelsea Brown (guitar, vocals); Justine Brown (drums, vocals); Marcio Rivera (guitar); Danny Delgado (bass).


Riverside, Redlands.


Summer Twins, Burger Records (2012).


Old records, ’50s rock ’n‘ roll, ’60s garage/pop/psychedelia, ’60s girl groups, ’70s punk, our parents and their vintage collection, estate sales, crafts, our cats, nostalgia, vintage and new fashion, furry animals, Japan, bands like: The Kinks, The Buzzcocks, The Ramones, Buddy Holly, Dion & The Belmonts, The Beach Boys, The Black Keys, Buffalo Springfield, The Strokes, Bjork, Beach House, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Jenny Lewis, Three Oh Sees and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.


Following a possibly sad Valentine’s Day, you might need an uplifting soundtrack to get you back on track. Better than a positive montage of a shopping day, the Summer Twins’ Chelsea and Justine Brown will use their power of harmony inspired by bands of old to get you out of your funk and into a new uplifting soundtrack.

“It’s rock and roll with a bit of sweetness added in,” describes Justine. “Chelsea and I sing together in harmony on most songs. Danny keeps it groovy on the bass, moving up and down the neck swiftly. Marcio surprises us with never before heard guitar licks that are like candy for the ears.”

These two sisters enjoy playing all over the place, often in the Orange County and L.A. area, but there’s no doubt that our little ol‘ IE holds is special place for these Riverside natives as they perform at the Blood Orange Info Shop, Mission Tobacco Lounge and Worthington’s Tavern. “The one we frequent the most is Back to the Grind. We’ve been playing there since we first started out. Back to the Grind is the prime hang out spot in Riverside for bands and artists,” says Justine.

The Summer Twins have been jammin‘ since it’s early teens and the results of this came to fruition just last month when the group released its first self-titled LP. Just like as the songs are infused with the sounds of older musical genres, Summer Twins also recorded in the ways of old, too. “Unisex is an analog studio, meaning that they record to tape, rather than using computers, like bands used to do back in the day,” explains Chelsea. “It gives the recordings a nice warm sound, but it was definitely more of a challenge recording that way! In fact, the whole process of making an album was a challenge, from recording all the way to creating the album art, but it was worth it.”

Next up is the Summer Twins’ last show before a promising tour begins in Seattle, working its way down the West Coast, to Austin for SXSW then back up to Chicago and Connecticut. There’s no way you’ll want to miss this group’s last hoorah in the Inland Empire.

Summer Twins with You Me & Us, Midnight Dream and The Street Lights at the Family Music Room, Elsworth Plaza, 22445 Alessandro Blvd., Moreno Valley, (951) 653-3272; Sat, Feb. 25. 9pm. $5.


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