The Lillies

By Ashley Bennett

Posted February 16, 2012 in Music


Roberto Pereda (singer, guitarist); Matthew Humphrey (guitarist); Raul Magana III (bassist); Mark Simpson (drummer).


High Desert (Phelan, Hesperia).


Moonlight Song (January 2012)


Velvet Underground, Elmore James, Django Reinhardt, Leonard Cohen, Mississippi John Hurt, U2, The Doors, The Bravery, Esperanza Spalding, The Shins and Rick James.


You might assume that the band’s name “The Lillies” describes a less than masculine group of musicians. You assume wrong. Although the band’s tunes feature emotional songs of mellow love and life, push out those thoughts of fragility; just enjoy the sweet tunes that The Lillies bring to the stage.

Originally, it was a joke. The band members used “Was of Lillies and Remains” to refer to a girl that the previous singer had quite the crush on, “After deep consideration and joking around about it, we decided to choose the name ‘The Lillies,’” says guitarist Matthew Humphrey.

Don’t worry though, you should expect a steady and sure beat from these guys. “A typical show with The Lillies is full of random extraordinary events that man has baffled to define. Despite the fact that people seem to think our band name means that we are pansies, we’re actually really wild and always looking for trouble,” says bassist Raul Magana III.

With trouble on the heels of this indie band you best be expecting a sweet evening at the upcoming Marquis Lounge performance. “We expect to play our hearts out and give the best performance possible to win over as many fans as possible. We also want to give out as many free demos as possible so people can hear what we are working on,” singer and guitarist Roberto Pereda explains.

For a band based in Hesperia, it’s difficult to get a good amount of performances set up because, you know, nothing really happens in that area. However despite the small music scene, The Lillies have quite the fan group elsewhere; especially in the IE. “We played a show out in Riverside at Back to the Grind down in their basement where they had a lot of awesome art from local artists on the walls. We ended up packing the basement full and people began bumping and grinding to our songs,” says drummer Mark Simpson, “Roberto, Matthew and Raul ended up in the crowd playing there instruments and dancing, it was a great show.”

Aside from the upcoming festivals and tours, parting words from Pereda ensure that the band is ready to entertain you, “We just want our music to be heard and want to keep doing what we love.”

The Lillies at the Marquis Lounge, 1036 W. Highland Ave., San Bernardino, (909) 882-9342; Sat, Feb. 18. 10pm. 


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