Casey Jones and The Railsplitters

By Ashley Bennett

Posted March 15, 2012 in Music

Wayde Jones (guitars, vocals); Jeff “JJ” Olds (bass, vocals); Tony Snow (drums, vocals); Casey Jones (songs, vocals, guitars).


Moreno Valley, Pomona, Chino.


Off the Rails (2012).


The Beach Boys, Sam Cooke, Cheap Trick, The Beatles and Glen Phillips.


Some people may not like it, but it takes teamwork to keep a band going; the bassist plays the bass, drummer plays drums, etc. If even one of them gets sick, an entire performance can be shot. This is what makes Casey Jones and The Railsplitters “a democracy” as Casey Jones likes to put it.

Jones is proud as punch when describing the band’s ability to create new song ideas and take on each other’s roles to a degree. “A typical Railsplitters show delivers high-energy power pop, very heavy on melody. We may throw in a ballad; we like to keep the crowd guessing . . . and the whole band sings!” Jones explains. Having an all-singing band is a rarity because singing obviously has a wide range of sounds.

In comparison to a successful and charismatic band such as this one, I’d make a joke about the failure of today’s mainstream music, but so much of it is terrible I can’t choose just one. This is why this multitalented rock group is just what the Inland Empire needs. “We get a really good response in the IE; very energetic and supportive crowds,” says Jones.

The gang is looking forward to bringing some of that power pop to Claremont’s favorite burger joint, Eureka! Burger. “We’re going to have a great time, so we know the audience will too—[Eureka! Burger] is a fun venue. We hope they eat well, also!” says Jones. Mmm. Fig Marmalade burgers are soundin’ pretty good right now. And in combination with the right type of music? Now that makes for a terrific night.

We see rock commonly in the IE because there is a huge fan base for that traditional, non-Indie, style of music. So much a fan base, in fact, that The Railsplitters have played with a lot of local bands in the past, netting the band a few new fans every time the group performs. If you like a band that changes things up with every song then this might be your next rock obsession. “Stay tuned because you never know what may happen at a Railsplitters show. With this group of musicians, I feel that the sky’s the limit!” says Jones.

Casey Jones and The Railsplitters at Eureka! Burger, 580 W. First St., Claremont, (909) 445-8875; Thurs, March 15. 9:30pm. No cover.  


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