By Ashley Bennett

Posted March 1, 2012 in Music

Bryce (vocals); Bobby (guitar); J Money (guitar); Alien (drums); Jeremy (bass).




Grandpa, Refused, Korn, Pantera, Dog Fashion, Disco and Tool.


www.reverbnation.com/lootnrok; www.facebook.com/lootnrok.

Part smooth guitar riffs, part hard rock with the remnants of various alternative influences, Loot-N-Rok’s music has perfect combination of tunes and it’s here to prove what it means to truly rock.

Some bands are bound to deteriorate over time. You can attribute failure with bad chemistry or lack of talent all you like, but sometimes it just takes the right mix of musicians to come together and create something worth performing. “We’ve all been in projects that have done shows together. We just decided to take the most serious and dedicated members from each project and put it together and see what would happen. It’s been working pretty well thus far,” says Jeremy.

In this case, luck seems to be on Loot-N-Rok’s side. The only exclusion to this statement is the lack of venues in good ol‘ Hesperia. Other than a few classic bars, it takes a band willing to travel outward in any direction, seeking out somewhere to spread its tunes. With a few years under the band’s belt, Loot-N-Rok’s fan base has substantially grown. While Bryce, the leading vocalist, likes to compare the band’s music to an “orgasm in the ear” (musically, of course) and “pure awesomeness and adult-rated rock and roll” you’ll soon understand that he speaks no lies; the group is out to convert everyone who will listen. “We target everyone,” says the drummer known as Alien, “We try to put on a great show, although not everyone may like our style of music, most people enjoy the show.”

There’s no time like the present to fill up that empty, spider webbed weekend schedule of yours. Loot-N-Rok’s next show is coming in a few weeks and Jeremy has been preparing for the awesome night. “We’re expecting a killer show,” he says. “All the bands are local talent from our area so the turn out should be great. We always have a great time playing in our hometown area.”

You won’t be disappointed by tracks they flaunt online. You’ll have even more to gush over when Loot-N-Rok releases its full-fledged album in the coming months. While the band will continue to grow and expand its fan base, there’s one awesome secret that may explain Loot-N-Rok’s success: “Band bonding usually takes place with $1 You-Call-Its.”

Loot-N-Rok w/ Day Zero, Subvert at Angel’s Roadhouse 2, 13685 John Glenn Rd., Apple Valley, (760) 240-6923. Sat, March 10. 9pm. 


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