By Ashley Bennett | Photo by Joseph Mitchell

Posted April 5, 2012 in Music

Evan Snyder (vocals); Brandon Villalovos (guitar); Bryce Darrow (guitar); Destin Rogers (drums).




Man O War (2011).


The Doors, The Growlers, Radiohead, Claremont and all of our creative friends.


It’s pretty admirable to find a group that didn’t discover its perfect band name by getting wasted and speaking nonsense (although those tend to be pretty entertaining ones, sometimes). However Cogito has given some thought to the name it will forever be known as, and it comes from one of the oldest spoken languages: Latin.

More specifically, Brandon Villalovos took the band name in a more thoughtful direction with René Descartes’ saying, “Cogito Ergo Sum.” “In English it means ‘I Think, Therefore, I am.’ Cogito means ‘I think’ and it’s the perfect representation of our band. We are thinking and doing. The only things that happen are because we conjured them up in our brains and made them a tangible thing,” explains Villalovos.

What you might think is dominated by mellow, consecutive tunes of indie and blues influence, this musical mix turns out to make for quite the show according to Evan Snyder. “A typical Cogito show is just plain raw. We play loud and don’t have any limits in terms of showmanship. I’m always climbing on rafters and bumping into the guys on stage. It’s just fun. We never want a dull moment or people to get bored and not have our music speak to them in one way or another,” says Snyder.

Even if you can’t quite place Cogito’s genre it just makes the band that much more memorable. Cogito grasps at the opportunity to creating something different, especially when playing locally.

“Well, [NY Delight] should be pretty fun. Its super local to our personal homes and the show’s theme revolves around covering a band. We have never performed cover songs live so it should be fun,” says Destin Rogers.

Born ’n‘ bred in good ol‘ Claremont, Cogito emits a lot of influence from the surrounding artistic community. “You can cruise down to the village and always meet very artistic people whether it’s seeing a hobo playing guitar on the street or seeing seasoned folk artists perform at the Folk Center,” says Bryce Darrow.  In the artistically inclined city of Claremont, music comes naturally to Cogito and as it leaves its imprint on various IE venues, both the fans and the band members become very aware that this music definitely exists and is here to stay.

Cogito at NY Delight, 310 S. Thomas St., Pomona, (909) 868-6518; Fri, April 6. 8pm. Free.




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