Hot Chix

By Ashley Bennett

Posted April 26, 2012 in Music
Rene Contreras (vocals, maraca, cowbell, shock-value); Joey Gonzalez (guitar, vocals, only non-straight edge member); Adrien Parker (drums, vocals, perverted-humor); Pedro Garcia (bass, vocals, perverted-humor).



Compact Dix, EP (2012)


PB&J isn’t just an abbreviation for a deliciously nostalgic sandwich—it’s the name of a now closed community art and music venue that, when open, stood as a prominent spot for local artists and musicians. Although the venue itself closed its doors after two years under management of band member Joey Gonzalez, rock-punk band Hot Chix hopes to keep community participation in the arts alive and kickin’.

In PB&J’s defense, Gonzalez believes that a city’s scene depends solely on the neighboring bands, not those who stop by for a short tour performance. In support of its scene, Hot Chix got its first performance by saving another band from last minute cancellation at another venue. Joey invited local group The Wild Reeds to play at PB&J when it’s previous gig fell through. “For some reason or another, the bar couldn’t host the show any longer and Joey offered to have them play at [PB&J] so long as Hot Chix could open up for them,” explains Adrien Parker. “The rest is history I suppose.”

If there’s one thing that Hot Chix is, it’s proud. Not only do the band members fondly remember what PB&J stood for, they take pride in recreating shows that emulate the venue’s relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. “We like to make music with that kind of punk feel, that ‘To hell with you’ feel, but at the same time give that feeling of  ‘Woah, this song really takes me somewhere else’ combined with a feeling of  ‘Woah, this song really makes me want to move like crazy.’ Basically, we want to give the impression we really care about  the quality of music we’re producing; which is the kind of music that typically sounds like it doesn’t care what you think,” says Gonzalez.

While Rene Contreras was “Coachillen at Coachella” last week (according to Parker) and Pedro Garcia claims to only be interested in Hot Chix for the money, it’s clear that of all reasons to be in a band together, having fun is reason number one. “There are no labels interested in us now but so what; people still listen to us and being in this band is a friggin’ blast,” says Gonzalez. (Ashley Bennett)

Hot Chix with Habits, Michael Rey and the Woebegones, Old Monk at Joey’s BBQ, 117 W. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 865-0699; Fri, April 27. 9pm

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