The Burningbed

By Ashley Bennett

Posted April 19, 2012 in Music

Pablo Luna (singer, songwriter, guitar, keys, synths); Efren Vizcaino (vocals, bass); Jessie Melendrez (drums, percussion).


Riverside, Upland and Corona.


Adventos, Self Released (2012).


The Beatles, Muse, Nirvana, Radiohead, Tool, Yes,  James Jamerson, Kate Bush, King Diamond, U2, John Lennon, Plato, Albert Einstein, Mozart and Bruce Lee.



If the rock genre were divided like a pizza, it would serve over one-hundred pieces of different and often bizarre sub-genres (Glam rock? Psychedelica? Viking rock? Sounds weird but I’ll try a slice of that). But let’s be honest, no bands today identify with just one mere definition. The Burningbed loves to experiment. With rock as its base, this band enjoys making every song unique.

Cheesy analogies aside (ba-dum tsh!), the band’s multitalented musician Pablo Luna completely backs The Burningbed’s desire to mess around and experiment with its tunes. “I like to think of our music as fresh, upbeat; rock for the modern era. I want people to know that when they listen to our music or play our CD they’re gonna be taken for a ride. That no matter what kind of music they’re into, there’s always something in our repertoire for everyone to enjoy from rock to pop to experimental!” says Luna.

Unlike many other bands that cater mainly to older audiences, The Burningbed doesn’t forget that we were all young once. Back in the day, it was all about discovering new music. One of Luna’s main incentives for performing at the Riverside Plaza is that The Burningbed’s fans, both young and old, can attend. This group is also appreciative the many local venues that the IE has to offer. “Having a lot of punk, pop-punk and hard rock acts out here actually opens up the doors for a band like ours. We have a very unique and distinct look and sound which separates us from the rest and makes us a memorable act in the IE scene. Actually we enjoy very much playing Characters in Pomona, The Lounge in Corona and The Wire in Upland,” says Luna.

Soon you’ll be seeing a lot of The Burningbed because it looks like the band’s main goal is to just “gig, gig, gig!” Oh and one other thing. If you like what you hear then maybe you should do them a favor and vote. “Please go ahead and vote for us to play The Bonnaroo Festival in TN and to play The Vans Warped Tour. Just hit up our Facebook or Myspace page and hit the link!” says Luna.

The Burningbed at the Riverside Plaza, 3545 Central Ave., Riverside, (951) 683-1066; Thurs, April 19. 7pm-9pm. Free.



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