The Rundown

By Allen David

Posted April 12, 2012 in News


Veteran law enforcement officials looked at Moreno Valley school board member Mike Rios last February and they just couldn’t shake the notion that there was something . . . unusual . . . about the guy, something just begging them to investigate. Finally, they hit on it—the two attempted murder charges that were filed against Rios after he allegedly shot at two men outside his home, men who allegedly had followed him there after a confrontation over a woman at a nightclub. Small details, yes, experience is sometimes a sixth sense. So the old bloodhounds sniffed around, and today Rios is arrested again. The booking totals: 11 felonies, including two counts of rape by force or fear of two adults; three counts of pimping and six counts of pandering, which accuses him of persuading or encouraging four women and two underage girls to work for him as a prostitute. You gotta love the instinct of those old timers!



Know what else you gotta love? The judgment and will of the people in our democratic system of government—the common sense of the common men and women who cast their votes by secret ballot for the candidates who they intuitively sense to be the most honest and qualified. See, because when Mike Rios thought he ought to be a member of the Moreno Valley City Council in 2008, the people thought something else and defeated him. What else were they thinking? Why, that they would rather have a guy like Mike Rios on the school board of the Moreno Valley Unified School District! When Rios ran for that office in 2010, he led all eight candidates in total votes. Rios promised to shake up the district, and in their wisdom, the voters realized he would do exactly that. And now he has!



Jesus suffers, dies and is buried.



Tick . . . tick . . . tick . . .



Jesus is . . . what th—!!! He got me again!!! Just goes to show that if you’ve got a good enough trick, people will fall for it every time, no matter how many times you perform it. Bravo, Jesus, bravo!


Meanwhile, more to love about Mike Rios: he’s a blogger, a man of letters, and just look at the way he organized the alphabet during this entry in January, before the charges of attempted murder and rape and pimping and stuff that made him famous: “Declaration of War” very harsh words, but that is exactly what the “Special Interest” have done by going after the true voice and only voice for the people of Moreno Valley. The “Special Interest” have done many things against me to try their best to discredit me in any way possible to try to stop me from returning full power back to the people of Moreno Valley. Here are just a few of the things they have done and FAILED!!!!

(1) Falsely accusing me of being a (Child Molester) during the 2010 campaign by the way (8) people ran and I came in first place! Special Interest FAILED!!!! (2) Falsely accusing me that I had (FELONIES) on my record! I took a Department of Justice fingerprint background check through the MVUSD no criminal history or felonies! Special Interest FAILED AGAIN!!!! (3) Falsely accusing me of (Voter Fraud) no evidence of facts have ever been presented to the District Attorney or in any court of law! Special Interest FAILED AGAIN!!!! (4) Special Interest have decided that since there lies and deceit are having no effect on me they have crossed the line breaking the “CODE OF ETHICS” and deliberately going after members of my family! This is where the “Special Interest” have declared war against the voice of the people and for that I must not lose sight that I will not rest until full power is restored back to the people!



Bail for Mike Rios is set at $250,000 by Riverside County Superior Court Judge Becky Dugan. Prosecutors sought $500,000 bail, but Dugan said it was too much. But she also said Rios’ bail needed to be higher than the $55,000 recommended by law. Dugan also said if Rios tries to post bail she will first conduct a hearing in which prosecutors challenge the source of money and collateral that Rios might use to put up his bond.



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