Upland Lemon Festival

By Andy Cheng

Posted April 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
Fri, April 27-Sun, April 29

“3 Days Where Lemon is King.” Does the city of Upland have a surplus of lemons? Why are those sour, drink-enhancing fruits being worshipped like Charlie Sheen on coke? This lemon festival invites a host of carnival-style activities like lemonade making and a singing competition (hopefully not about lemons). Boy, those sound so exciting! I can’t wait to participate in the arts and crafts section and watch the old-school Western brawl reenactments. Can’t wait to see Back Street perform live and the world famous Z Ultimate on stage. Can’t wait to have lemons in my lunch and a lemon knuckle sandwich so sour, you’ll be excreting sour Skittles at night. I just want to get in on this 3-day lemon party! Sarcasm aside, it’s a family event, so it’s probably nothing like the OC Fair.

Downtown Upland, N. 2nd Ave. & E. 9th St., Upland, (909) 931-4399; www.uplandlemonfestival.com. 5PM.

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