A Shipwreck A Castaway

By Ashley Bennett

Posted May 24, 2012 in Music

Jacob Stilwell (vocals); Robby Stilwell (drums, percussion); Nick Mac (guitar, vocals); Matt Hale (synth); Brad Castro (bass); Nate Vizcarra (guitar).




The Home Life, Anchor 84 Records (2011).


New Found Glory, Four Year Strong, AC/DC, Senses Fail, Bayside, The Starting Line, Fallout Boy and Alexisonfire in no particular order.


www.facebook.com/ashipwreckacastaway; Twitter.com:@asacband.


Music is a constantly evolving system of entertainment. Ever since rock broke out there’s been no shortage of innovative mixes in genre stemming from one inspiration to another. A Shipwreck A Castaway (ASAC) might produce musical remnants of bands from the past, but ultimately it’s seeking to wow you with both new and old sound. Plus, they love Star Wars. What more do you need?

Robby Stilwell, the band’s percussionist, speaks for everyone when he mentions that “fun” is a two-way street when it comes to ASAC. “We are all about having fun and just doing what we love at shows. We consider ‘fans’ our friends more so than they are fans. We aren’t above anyone and it’s no secret that ASAC is fueled by the people that support us whether sharing our music, singing along, buying CDs or merch or just coming to a show and stagediving. Without them we wouldn’t be anything at all. I feel all too many bands miss that point and forget about what it means to have people who enjoy your music.”

ASAC is in it for the long haul as it prepares for a new CD, but of course this punk-rock band will never forget that they need to have fun before the work gets done. “Bromance is a trait found within our band and we are always trying to hang out as much as possible. 2012 will be spent focusing most of our time and effort writing the best full-length CD we can put out. It’s been something we have been looking forward to and its of the utmost importance for us to deliver something that can reflect the amount of heart and energy we put into this,” Stilwell shares.

That bromance makes for a group with chemistry, but it also glues together the band’s mutual passion for geeking out when it comes to Star Wars. And you can too. “Our band consists of a bunch of nerdy guys and I find it awesome that we are proud of it. For us it’s not about telling people about how much you party or whatever in your lyrics. It’s about being real and expressing how life makes you feel and how you deal with it,” says Stilwell.

A Shipwreck A Castaway at the Vibe, 1805 University Ave., Riverside, (951) 788-0310; www.myspace.com/thevibebarandgrill. Fri, May 25. 7pm. $10. 18+.

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    Santos S.

    These are some of the coolest nicest guys I’ve ever met. The energy they bring to shows and they give when they perform is phenomenal and i don’t know a single person who can go to an ASAC show and not have an amazing time and make new friends these guys are one of my biggest inspirations as a fellow Artist from Riverside -Santos S. Rubidoux/Riverside,Ca

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