The Fingers

By Ashley Bennett

Posted May 10, 2012 in Music

Photo by Marc Piron


Chris Pepino (keyboard, vocals); Matt McKnight (bass, vocals);  Jeff Shannon (drums, vocals); Oscar Heller (guitar, vocals); Ray Zeigler (guitar, vocals).


Redlands, Yucaipa, Culver City, Highland.


New album slated for summer 2012.


The Beatles, Phish, Radiohead, Also dance beats, jazz, funk, experimental and improv music.



Every weekend it’s the same routine. You’ve got the IE’s largest venues hosting live band nights on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (or all three days), but it sometimes feels like the same old party. Maybe it’s time for a performance that is better than average. In this case The Fingers fit the bill perfectly. Alongside original songs from its album as well as cover tunes, The Fingers have the sound system, lighting and a planned masquerade ball which will make for one memorable show.

The Fox Events Center on its own is a neat spot for various activities. From comic book conventions to comedy and classic movie nights, it hosts a wide variety of activities, which is why Chris Pepino is excited for the band’s performance there. “We first played at the Fox back in January as part of a film screening event, and the management was so happy with the band and the turnout that they asked us to come back and do a full concert. We wanted to really do something special with the venue, so we decided to make it a Masquerade Ball to change things up,” says Pepino.

“We play a serious rock show with lots of funk, extended jams and always lots of improvisation. We have an elaborate light show that backs us up, a state of the art sound system and many electronic gadgets,” says Pepino. “We like to get the people dancing, so we keep the music fun and hit that groove that gets the people moving. We feature multi-part vocal harmonies and seasoned musicianship.”

I’m thinking this show is going to lie somewhere between fans donning Phantom of the Opera garb and sporting rocked out hair dos. You have to admit though, a performance like this one sounds so much better than some average party down the street that wears, dare I say, regular clothes. Matt McKnight is positive that this unique show will help The Fingers expand their fan base. “Once we release our album, we plan to play a lot more shows in LA and San Diego. We’re also putting together a couple of short tours to Chicago, New York and New England.” Catch ’em while you can.

The Fingers at Fox Events Center, 123 Cajon St., Redlands, (909) 792-3888; Sat, May 18. 7pm. $12.


    Pop the hot air

    The music on their website is actually rolling reunion! Fraud

    C 4 yourself

    Their biting rolling reunions music
    See MySpace rolling reunion. Rolling reunion tunes from years ago

    Annnn e

    Ashley Bennett…are you implying everything else is “average?”. What a dis to ie bands. Besides this band is a COVER BAND! You would know if you actually saw them play. It’s not the 1st cover band you’ve featured in band of the week. Maybe you just aren’t trying to feature original music anymore. This section of ie weekly should be for original bands. And try not dissing the community you’re supposed to represent Ashley. >:p

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