Voodoo Fox

By Ashley Bennett

Posted May 31, 2012 in Music

Sean York (vocals); Scott York (guitar, bass, drums, keys).




The Beatles (of course), Cream, The Black Keys, Otis Redding, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder and Incubus.


www.voodoofoxmusic.com; www.facebook.com/vudufox.

Voodoo Fox has had its share of drummers and bass players (three drummers and two bass players to be exact) but nothing helps a band see eye-to-eye better than a pair of dudes who share the same gene pool. Check out brothers Sean and Scott York in this bluesy rock group to get a taste of the voodoo that they do.

Voodoo Fox has found a way to produce quality music minus the problems that often arise between multiple band members. And it works wonders. “We try to let our music speak for its self; we don’t have any gimmicks or anything too crazy going on while we play. Scott occasionally will play the guitar behind his head or back but that’s about it. Our goal is to play the music we love and hope that others enjoy it too,” says Sean York.

Two-man bands might take a bit of pre-show prep to pull off, but Voodoo Fox makes do with pre-recorded sound bits to play along with. You might think it’s a bit awkward, but it actually works out. “At first we were worried how the crowd would take to the odd set up but they took to it really well,” says Scott York. Scott is the man behind the music, writing tunes and recording the instruments necessary while both of them contribute to lyrics.

“Our production process is pretty simple. We have a home studio and we try to keep our music sounding as non-processed as possible, so what you hear on the CD is what you get live. I feel like most albums out there today sound so processed and too clean. The goal for us when producing an album is to make it sound like a band from 2012 went back in time and recorded an album in the ’60s or ’70s,” says Scott.

Seeing modern groups trying to recreate bands of old brings a tear to my eye. Hear it for yourself at Voodoo Fox’s next gig. “We play at the Skybox quite often and it’s always a fun, laid-back place. It always has a good turnout. We play a two-hour set in which we mix in some classic rock/old Motown covers. It’s always a positive experience,” says Sean.

Voodoo Fox at Skybox Grill and Tavern, 30724 Benton Rd., Murrieta, (951) 325-2299. Sat, June 2. 9pm-1:30am. Free.


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