A Bear Affair

Posted May 24, 2012 in News
Bears. They’re just like you and me, except with more hair, bigger teeth, retractable claws and potentially homicidal tendencies . . . really hoping this still isn’t like you. In any case, the California Department of Fish and Game has hired its best poets to remind you to “stash your trash” and “beware of bears” this Memorial Day weekend. That’s right, watch out for the bears: the enemy of mankind (and Stephen Colbert). The Department was so concerned about your safety that they pulled out all the stops for your protection: student-made PSAs. Head over to their Vimeo page (vimeo.com/user9459660) to see their bear safety films, filmed by the next generation of Kubricks . . . if Stanley Kubrick was a high school student using stock videos and clip art. Enjoy these videos as you prepare for your awesome weekend, and make sure to protect your picnic baskets from roaming Yogis who would like nothing better than to tear through your trash and possibly you. Worse still, they might make you watch a horrible comedy starring Justin Timberlake’s voice. Think of the children!


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