Next Year’s Sunburn

Posted May 16, 2012 in News
The dates for next year’s Coachella—which will repeat the two-weekend format the music and arts festival established last month—were just announced: April 12-14 and April 19-21. Actually, festival organizers just plan on showing everyone a hologram of this year’s Coachella . . . we kid. Tickets for 2013’s Coachella Music & Arts Festival go on sale May 17 through May 24. A layaway plan is offered for this pre-sale time period—so don’t sleep on this, cheapskates. A general admission pass will bankrupt you to the tune of $349. I’m sure organizers will soften the blow of pricey admission by doing something super-unique and innovative next year . . . um . . . like a hologram of . . . half your money back. Yeah, not gonna happen. Learn more and say goodbye to your Arby’s paycheck at


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