The Rundown

By Allen David

Posted May 10, 2012 in News


Whether or not the Blue Pearl Project is biting off more than it can chew with its goal of “helping the ocean, saving the Earth and the animals that are a part of it,” there’s no doubt somebody has to take the bit in their mouth. The sagging economy has created circumstances in which more and more horses go without the most basic care—we’re talking food and water—because their owners cannot afford it and decide to not only save themselves money but even the trouble of finding a place where their horses can receive aide. So we commend the Wildomar group for opening of its 21-acre Oak Meadows horse rescue ranch—and commiserate with its organizers for taking on the agonizing role of playing God . . . that is, deciding which animals get to live and which will die. Of course, many of the animals are already living hell on earth, such as the horse mentioned in a Press-Enterprise story, which had been attacked by two pit bull dogs and was found with shredded wounds, bleeding and tied to a chain-link fence without any water or food available. To help, go to


Lori Moss, whose leadership as city manager of Canyon Lake is credited with helping cut its budget by nearly 25 percent last year and for working with Riverside County to get a new fire contract without diminishing service, gets her walking papers. The City Council votes, 3-2, not to rehire Moss, whose wages and benefits package approaches $200,000 a year. “We’re a poor little city,” says Canyon Lake City Councilmember Mary Craton, referring to the gated community of 11,000 people. “We can’t afford Lori. We have to find a way to reduce how much we spend on the city manager.” Seems like they just did.


“Industrial Revolution Occurring in Beaumont,” announces the headline in the Record Gazette, above a story about the 2,000 acres of industrial buildings that are planned for three square miles in the southwest portion of the city to fill a growing need created by the expanding trade coming through the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Just before I’m about to make a big deal about the fact that the Industrial Revolution is occurring in Beaumont 142 years and 5 months after it concluded everywhere else in America, I notice that the Record Gazette published this story on April 6—in other words, only 142 years and 4 months later. My bad. So, anyway, good story!


One of our most-historic drinking holidays returns, and let the faint of heart beware. Also, the lactose-intolerant. The Redlands Drive-In Dairy has been an Inland Empire landmark for who-knows-how-many years, but today marks the 15years since the Prendergast family—a sort of landmark, itself, with more than 100 years of history in Redlands—took over the business. Located at the intersection of Redlands Boulevard and Fern Avenue, the place used to be a gas station called the Toot and Moo, where customers tooted their car horns and the attendants responded by either bringing them milk or filling up their tanks with gas. These days, the gimmick is doggie bones—the Redlands Drive-In Dairy gives out free ones to anyone that brings their dog to the dairy, and has even before the Prendergasts took over. They can’t quit now. The dogs wouldn’t allow it. Hang out at the dairy just a little while and you’re bound to hear dogs barking in the passing cars. They recognize the dairy and they know what it means to the community. Got bones?


Oh, shoot! Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, wasn’t it?


The Question of the Day in the Record Gazette’s online poll: Should Cabazon Elementary School extend to fifth grade, and hire another teacher in a time of fiscal crisis for the Banning Unified School District?


And the answer is . . . yes; Cabazon Elementary School should extend to fifth grade, and hire another teacher in a time of fiscal crisis for the Banning Unified School District . . . 62 percent. No, Cabazon Elementary School should not extend to fifth grade, and hire another teacher in a time of fiscal crisis for the Banning Unified School District . . . 38 percent.


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