Riverside DIY Print Fest 2012

By Joe Martone

Posted May 24, 2012 in

Sat, May 26

Are you a budding artist with high hopes? Well, you probably want to get a day job. For those of you who still have hopes for yourselves, you should probably check out Riverside’s DIY Print Fest. This fest is calling out to anyone with an interest in small press, self publishing, DIY printing, screen printing, trading and more. Yes, you’re going to see all kinds of people here who want to change the world with their ink . . . or starve trying. But amidst this sea of inky depression, there is at least a reference for success here:  the zines (i.e. homemade magazines, for those not in the know) of Raymond Pettibon. Pettibon, the active and well-known artist who has made a living bringing his sketches to life, will be showcasing his new and original zines at this event to give you an idea of how to succeed in a business where everyone’s trying. And KUCR 88.3 FM will be there to screen print anything for you on the spot! Oh, it might play music too. It’ll be the best basement party you’ve ever been to since junior high, only with slightly less spin the bottle.

Blood Orange Infoshop, Basement of the Historic Arts Building. 3485 University Ave, Riverside; www.diyprint.org. Free, 12pm-4pm.


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