Taste of Brews

By Joe Martone

Posted May 24, 2012 in

Sat, June 2

Brace yourself, summer is coming. Kids are out of school, traffic from the tourists is at an all-time high and the heat is going to be comparable to the depths of hell. However, hope can surprisingly be found in the hazy skies of Riverside. Set in the heart of White Park, the Taste of Brews festival promises a little bit of everything—and by everything we mean a lot of booze. As the name implies, there will be all kinds of breweries represented here for you to drink away your summer pain. Popular labels like Samuel Adams, Newcastle Brown Ale, and Kona Brewing Inc. will all be there to whet your appetite while local favorites like Hangar 24, Craft and the Inland Empire Brewing Company give you that little taste of home. Those are just at the tip of the iceberg—at least 42 more breweries have signed up for the event, which means that the only limit you have is your blood-alcohol content level. There will be a couple restaurants present for you to stabilize yourself with, like Killarney’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, Sushi Kawa Sports Bar and Grill and The Beach, so pick the one that will taste just as good going in as it will going out (my bet’s on the pub: Irish food tends to stay down). Yes, there are promises of live music and some free giveaways like water, chips and snacks (you know, for the hangover), but let’s face it: you’re in it for the booze, aren’t you? That’s what I thought.

Taste of Brews at White Park, 3901 Market St., Riverside, (714) 375-1132; www.tasteofbrews.com. 1-4pm for General Admission, 12-4pm for VIP. $30 general admission, $40 VIP. 


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