The 7 Day Stretch

Posted May 3, 2012 in The 7 Day Stretch


There are two types of ghosts (probably): serious spirits looking to scare and dirty ghosts who just want to pull pranks in the afterlife. Now, this band isn’t either of these but with a bit of inspiration from Joan Jett and ’70s band Heart we find that we like Dirty Ghosts’ rock sound. Plus, you’re getting a plethora of unexplained phenomena by also seeing Dante vs. Zombies while you’re there.

Aladdin Jr. 2, 296 W. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 623-4333;



They say that behind every great man is a great woman. While this is always, always true there were plenty of ladies who didn’t quite get their dues or credit during the early days of the USA. So the museum is publically displaying these women’s stories. From Confederate spies to women’s and slave rights activists, there will be plenty of inspiring tales to learn about.

5pm-7pm. Free. Gallery hours: Tues-Sat, 10am-4pm. La Quinta Museum, 77-885 Avenida Montezuma, La Quinta, (760) 777-7170;



Salute the year of 1942 by attending this year’s air show entitled “Turning the Tide.” These guys take pride in the warbirds and other aircraft that fought against various enemies during WWII. While you can hear a few inspirational tales from vets who experienced this firsthand, we know you’ll love to watch a few brave aerial acrobatics teams perform a few dangerous tricks. It’s all about flight at this exposition, where mankind’s dreams of conquering the sky come true.

Sat, May 5-Sun, May 6. 8am-4pm. $20. Planes of Fame Air Museum, Chino Airport, 7000 Merrill Ave., #17, Chino, (909)-597-7576;



It isn’t what you think! Here you’ll find up to 1,000 cars cruising a few blocks of popular Riverside territory as they show off their spiffy, refurbished rides of rare and expensive proportions. Just imagine, car after car for hours in a seemingly unending line of automotive history. Plus this is the Riverside East Rotary Club’s main source of fundraising, as it has been a popular event since 1999.

Fri, May 4-Sun, May 6. 7am-5pm. Between Market St., 14th St. and University, (951) 276-3618;



Get your fill of action with this hybrid circus featuring both traditional circus acts as well as the added touch of Broadway to the mix. Animal lovers needn’t worry, this Circus implements a no-animal routine. But you’ll want to check it out soon because not only will Monday be the last day that the Circus is in Ontario, it’s also the last day that it will be present in the IE.

Thurs, May 3-Mon, May 7. 6pm. $25-$65. Ontario Mills Mall, One Mills Circle, Ontario, (909) 484-8301;



It’s becoming a weekly occurrence over at the Fox Events Center to screen a few old movies. This week it’s all about The Bridge on the River Kwai, a 1957 film about British soldiers who are taken captive and forced to help build a bridge over the river. Unlike movies today which are too often filmed with green screens rather than in actual locations, this movie was filmed in Sri Lanka and won a handful of Academy Awards.

6:45pm. $7-$17. Fox Events Center, 123 Cajon St., Redlands, (909) 792-3888;



They say that you can tell that someone is a witch if they float when you tie them up and throw them in a lake. If they don’t float, well they drown but hey—at you least you’ve determined that they weren’t a witch. More seriously, the play is based on the 16th century Salem Witch Trials but it’s actually an allegory for McCarthyism and blacklisting.

Opens May 9. Thru May 13. 7pm. $15. Landis Performing Arts Center, Riverside Community College, 4800 Magnolia, Riverside, (951) 222-8100;



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