The Tic Tocs

By Ashley Bennett

Posted June 21, 2012 in Music

Daniel Zimmerman (guitar, vocals); John Gonzales (bass guitar); Hector Vazquez (drums).


Riverside and Corona.


Jay Reatard, Ty Segall, Robert Wilkins, John Estes, The Velvet Underground, The Oblivians and Stevie Wonder.


The Tic Tocs, Soundpress Records (2012).



Music is often seen as a business; one that can make a ton of money when in the right spotlight. This might be true but is that what music is really about? It seems that the soul of music has been lost over the years. However it’s the local bands that still keep music alive, like The Tic Tocs. There’s just something about that old garage-band feel that reminds us of the better days of rock.

For Daniel Zimmerman, the band’s guitar player and vocalist, it’s all about simplicity when performing. Audiences are searching for decent musical entertainment worth their time and the band should just want to rock out. “It’s kind of a blur for us. We always tend to drink too much to remember [our shows] but we all still try our best to make sure everyone is having a good time. Our songs are very Chuck Berry-ish sounding so we really just want to make sure the entire venue is dancing and having a fun,” says Zimmerman.

Ultimately , Zimmerman shares, the band hopes to reawaken a lost passion for the good old days—and it definitely doesn’t starts with appealing to the hipster crowd. “We want the music scene to come back and be like it was in the ’60s. Everyone dancing and having a good time instead of this whole ‘cool-guy-hipster scene.’” I’m glad someone said it; hipsters are taking over the world.

You probably won’t find many hipsters at Morgan’s Tavern though, which suits The Tic Tocs just fine. “Our number one favorite spot to play is Morgan’s Tavern, we always have a good time there. Plus they treat you like you are the entertainment. Which not a lot of venues do these days. It’s not ‘get in, get out,’ it’s ‘take your time, have some drinks and here’s some gas money to get home,’” says Zimmerman.

The Tic Tocs’ show at Morgan’s Tavern is one of the last to catch the band live before it heads out on tour on Aug. 29. So for all garage bands everywhere, they ask you to tune in to Standford Radio online at 9 p.m. to support its kick-off tour with an interview and performance.

The Tic Tocs at Morgan’s Tavern, 4850 Tyler St., Riverside, (951) 785-6775. Sat, June 23. 9pm. 

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    I have known Hector for many years, he grew up hanging and playing music in our Garage. It is great to see him and his band taking off in the music scene. Yes that intimate music scene is going to be brought back, thanks to bands like the Tic Tocs!

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