By Ashley Bennett

Posted June 7, 2012 in Music

May Sullivan (lead singer); Tony Touchette (lead guitarist); Steve Daniels (rhythm guitarist); Chuck Loyer (bass guitar); Randy (drummer).


San Bernardino, Fontana, Rialto.


Flyleaf, Alice in Chains, The Letter Black, Evanescence, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Giant Squid, Mastodon, Mudvayne, Primus and Gumby. 


Lucidity (2011).


Out of the countless amounts of Inland Empire bands, spread like thick peanut butter from the San Bernardino Mountains to Lake Elsinore and the far expanse of Palm Springs, the ratio of bands with female singers is few to none. The vocal sounds of May Sullivan is contributing to the IE’s desperate need for more talented female vocalists alongside a team of talented musicians.

“Ever since I was a little girl [my grandma] used to encourage my singing . . . She always told me to never lose sight of my dreams and ambitions in life. After searching up the name Thora to see if any other bands had that name, I came upon a Satan worship band called Thora so I decided to incorporate the two and came up with the name Thoramay,” says Sullivan. Bet you didn’t see a sentence incorporating both a little girl’s dream and a Satan worship band, did you?

Thoramay isn’t your ordinary rock band by any means. You could say they’ve been touched by a few other talented bands like metal group Sangre. “It was an honor to share a stage with them and it was such an intimate setting that we really enjoyed the night [at Happy’s Grille],” says Sullivan. “That was one of our best shows in which the musicianship with all the bands was memorable.” Lead guitarist Tony Touchette also holds that fateful day at Happy’s close to his strumming hand. “They’re great guys; all down to earth. I had my own table with a pitcher of beer and a private show from the guys. I felt like a rock star!” says Touchette.

Thoramay be climbing high on the “rock star” ladder but they won’t forget about their fans. “No matter how small or large our audience is, we hope that our music touches someone in the crowd. We want to build a connection with our listeners and make an impact in someone’s life,” explains Sullivan.

“We are currently working on new material which reflects deeper into what Thoramay as a band is all about. Tony and I have been collaborating on a heavier, edgier sound that hopefully the listener can relate to. Our music is raw and from the heart,” ends Sullivan.

Thoramay with Molly Vamp and Evertheory at 135 East Martini Lounge, 135 E. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 629-8100; Thurs, June 7. 8pm. 


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