Peter Case at the Folk Music Center

By Joe Martone

Posted June 14, 2012 in

Sat, June 16

Gather round people, if you still are living and you have a taste for the style of Bob Dylan. Peter Case will be playing at the Folk Music Center. If you admit you like folk and think music’s a joke then come see Peter Case playing! Homage aside, Peter Case is the man to see if your rock and roll tastes tend to age with grace. If you don’t know about Case, here are the basics: he’s a songwriter who grew up with Elvis and The Beatles, but still has a bit of a Woody-Guthrie feel to his music. He tends to write about drifters and can play acoustic like any great relic of a bygone age of music. Fitting that he’s playing at the Folk Music Center, right? If you feel like getting a good history lesson in a time of Skrillex and Nicki Minaj, we don’t blame you. Head over to the Folk Music Center and let the strings sink in.

Folk Music Center, 220 Yale Ave, Claremont, (909) 624-2928; $15. 7pm.


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