Off To Grandma’s

By Ashley Bennett

Posted July 5, 2012 in Eats

The Avocado House specializes in home-style cookin‘

The major cities of the Inland Empire are crowded. Well, most of SoCal is but can you even begin to imagine life in a country home? Maybe 100 years ago, quaint places sprung up with plenty of open air and wide expanses (life without smog is unimaginable). Then again, people back then grew and ate their own harvests . . . and they were pretty busy with that and livestock to care for. Also, no indoor plumbing. Pros and cons. However food from those days were simple. From various salad greens and veggies straight from the garden to any kind of extraordinary homemade dishes that years later earned the famous label of “Grandma’s [insert dish name here].” With help from The Avocado House you can avoid the duties of country life and snag some fresh meals for a cheap price, instead.

The Avocado House is definitely a restaurant, but has the exterior (and interior) of a home. The house is still complete with the layout of a living room and fireplace decorated with various cutesy items that might trick you into thinking you are actually at grandma’s house. Originally it was purchased to allow the owners to have space to store and cook meals for their catering business, an endeavor which they still immerse themselves in, but somehow they’ve found time to create the quaintest little brunch spot on the block.

Between 6 a.m. and 11 a.m., The Avocado House is bustling with breakfast orders from sweet French toasts to hearty omelets. No doubt that sweet lovers will absolutely enjoy the Buttermilk Pancakes straight from owner’s own grandma’s recipe, fresh and hot from the griddle. You don’t even have to stick with the conventional maple syrup when you can have a side that’s pretty much pure caramel.

Breakfast is great, but most people won’t wake up early enough to go (even though I implore you to do so). The Avocado House’s lunch menu (served between 11 a.m.-3 p.m.) is all about salads and sandwiches. If money was spinach, dried cranberries and candied pecans then the Millionaire salad would indeed make you feel like the richest person around. A plentiful amount of ingredients combine to make a sweet and slightly crunchy meal not just because of those delectable pecans, but because of the various bacon bits sprinkled on top. Who knew healthy could taste so sweet; these salads might actually make you order one because you want it not because you know it’s diet-friendly.

There’s a lot to choose from between The Avocado House’s cold and warm sandwiches too. If you’re interested in the new and creative, try the Thanksgiving which features traditional turkey-day ingredients such as a heaping helping of cold turkey and cranberry sauce oozing from the bread. Eat it quickly or the cranberry sauce will do it for you. One big bite will provide various fleeting tastes for the senses to experience. With a bit of mayo and cream cheese this is one hella-juicy sandwich. Not to mention that all of these lunch meals come with a small daily side (on my visit it was pasta salad) or fresh fruit and your choice of a “sweet.” Really, they’re spoiling their customers.

Country homes deserve to boast a country-style dessert like Bread Pudding. There’s no hint to what makes this different than every other bread pudding I’ve had, but it’s undoubtedly one of the best. Probably another secret recipe of Grandma’s, who knows, but it’s amazing.

The Avocado House is not hurting for customers. In fact, due to the early opening and closing you’ll find the place constantly busying with eager eaters sometimes lined out the door, onto the patio and down those cute little stairs. But the food is so tasty, filling and justly priced that you just can’t resist the home-style effect it will have on you.

The Avocado House, 11618 Central Ave., Chino, (909) 627-9733; Tues-Sat, 6am-3pm. AE, D, MC, D.


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