Psychedelic Milk

By Ashley Bennett

Posted July 12, 2012 in Music

Chasen “Chase” Landry (frontman); Taylor Ruthford (guitar); Russell Rosenwirth (bass); Gary Humphrey (drums); Brian “Saud” Saude (guitar).


High Desert.


Drugs, sex and rock and roll.


Psychedelic Milk.


You may have known Psychedelic Milk as something else in the past. This psychedelic grunge band has gone through so many names that it began to become a joke in the High Desert; you never knew what name this band would arrive as (or where they would arrive for that matter). Even still, we’re unsure if Psychedelic Milk will choose to keep its current name, but it’s a suitable reference to Stanley Kubrick’s film A Clockwork Orange. “It’s inspired by the milk, tittie-statue bar scene. ‘The part where they all drink that Psychedelic Milk,’” says frontman Brian Saude.

These guys didn’t use Facebook or Craig’s List to fill in for the missing band members; they did it the old fashioned way. “We’re just friends. It just happened that we kind of knew how to play instruments. Everyone in our friend circle is a musician or an artist, so when we hangout we play music and as a result a band forms from time to time. It was a very natural thing. I think that’s why our band has unusually close chemistry. We’re not a band who became friends, we’re friends who became a band,” says Saude.

Best friends lead to great music; everyone’s just having a good and exciting time. “It’s all about engaging the audience by striking up emotions and causing nothing but pure impulse,” says bassist Russell Rosenwirth. Saude on the other hand believes the band’s music to be post-modern in nature. “We often will get ‘you guys sound like you’re from the ’60s, but I think that’s a misinterpretation of our music. We may take things we liked from the past but we’re not writing songs about Vietnam. I like to describe our sound as psychedelic grunge. It’s like Kurt Cobain ate some acid.”

If Psychedelic Milk is different from the rest of the bands out there it’s because it doesn’t really care how far it goes. The band is just a bunch of friends who enjoy performing. Simple as that. If that’s not evidence enough, among hopes for the future which include playing more shows and recording is “. . . hopefully not finding a label . . . you know, the usual stuff,” says Rosenwirth.

Psychedelic Milk at Lake Alice Trading Co., 3616 University Ave., Riverside, (951) 686-7343; Wed, July 25. 9pm. No cover.


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