Shamble Ave

By Ashley Bennett

Posted July 5, 2012 in Music

Frank Soto  (vocals, rhythm guitar); Pearson Federico (bass); Steven Boatman (drums, percussion); Alexander Ronquillo (lead guitar).




Django Reinhardt, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Robert Johnson and The Strokes.


Shamble Ave Demo, Unsigned (2012).



Some band names are created in a drunken stupor and others are thought of carefully, with meaning. Alexander Ronquillo, lead guitarist of Shamble Ave, decided to lead you on and tell me that the band’s name was formed fatefully by letters that drifted together in alphabet soup. Funny guy! Although this could be partially true, who knows.

What Shamble Ave really intends to define by its name is the act of “shambling” as an awkward movement or step. “We thought the concept of an entire street taking such an awkward step would be interesting in a musical sense because awkward movements in coordination give birth to a potentially beautiful symmetry. Weird isn’t weird if everyone’s weird,” says Ronquillo.

Nowadays weird is definitely a likeable trait but it doesn’t mean that Shamble Ave’s performances will be awkward or anything. At least Frank Soto, lead vocalist and frontman, is dedicated to making every one of these “weird” moments count. “As an entertainer and musician my personal goal is to have everyone’s undivided attention. In order to achieve that, our band acts as one unit to generate a tremendous amount energy that we would expect to get in return from the crowd,” Soto explains.

“As far as our genre goes, there tends to be more hardcore and metal groups around, but it’s all music,” Steve Boatman says. Even if the point is that every band has unique qualities despite shared genres, Shamble Ave is ahead of the pack. Boatman also mentioned that The Plum House in Riverside is the band’s favorite because of the atmosphere and management. Gotta give credit where it’s due.

Adams Motorsports Park is putting on a “Warfest” and Shamble Ave will be one of the bands on the bill. “We’ve heard rumors that a lot people will be there. We’re very excited,” explains Pearson Federico. This will be the biggest show we’ve ever played and we’re really hoping it’s going to give us a lot of exposure. Hopefully we can get our name past the borders of Southern California.”

Shamble Ave with Agent Orange at Adams Motorsports Park, 5292 24th St., Riverside, (951) 369-3527; Sat, July 7. $15.



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