Letter to the Editor

Posted July 5, 2012 in News
To the Editor:

Unless he is completely out of touch with public sentiment, I’m assuming Joe Martone’s rant defending the use of animals in the circus was intentionally provocative ([Vol. 7 Issue 13’s] “Animal Magnetism”).

There is very good reason for the groundswell of public opposition against circuses still exploiting animals . . . Corona officials are to be commended for slamming the door shut on these kinds of cruel traveling shows.

Yours truly,

Jennifer O’Connor

PETA Foundation

Dear Jennifer,

The Weekly can assure you that Mr. Joe Martone is not “out of touch” with the issue of animal rights. Several centuries ago, Jonathan Swift penned A Modest Proposal, which, at first glance, appeared to make a case for cannibalism and infanticide (Swift “proposed” killing and eating Irish children to deal with a perceived Irish overpopulation issue.). Did Swift really want people to commit atrocious acts? No. It was an example of literary/journalistic social satire and irony meant to demonstrate  (and protest) the horrible, atrocious attitudes the English had toward Irish people. We basically did the same thing: using a patently ridiculous proposal (defending the use of animals in circuses) to make a point about the plight of circus animals. Using  controversial, humorous and confrontational methods to advance a noble cause—hey, isn’t that something PETA does? Irony is funny, huh?


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