Dead Wrong

Posted July 2, 2012 in News
Finally resolving a scandal that has been drawn out for two years, the U.S. District Court in Riverside on Monday sentenced former Upland Mayor John Pomierski to serve two years in federal prison starting Oct. 1. According to the San Bernardino County Sun, this was the best Pomierski could hope for after being found guilty on a count of bribery. He was also charged on 10 other counts that were gradually dropped over time. After his sentencing, he read a statement to his family and friends in attendance, “The last two years have been difficult. I lost my wife, lost my friends, lost work and the job I loved the most, being mayor of Upland,” Pomierski said. “I was dead wrong. I know I will pay for it. I already have paid for it in the last two years in some way, shape or form.” Yes, you were wrong, John—dead wrong . . . and you still are as you won’t really have paid until after your sentence.


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