Fiscal Responsibility

By Joe Martone

Posted July 19, 2012 in News

CSUSB President Dr. Tomas D. Morales

You know what’s great? Money. You know what almost never blends well together? Money and higher education. Despite this, Cal Sate San Bernardino’s new president, Dr. Tomas D. Morales, has found a way to make it work in his favor. According to the San Bernardino County Sun, he could be making ten percent more than his predecessor—tuition hikes and budget cuts, be damned! He’s not alone: two other CSU presidents are up for raises as well, along with two possible options that stand to either cut enrollment or increase tuition in the midyear. So here’s the question: why can’t these potential raises be used to save the CSU? Is diverting the flow of cash that difficult? And why are we rewarding someone for a job not done? Morales hasn’t even started his first year at San Bernardino. Nothing in our education taught us that this was okay . . . maybe we need to see a page from their textbooks or from their accountant’s books as well. Beats the education their broke students will get.


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