“Between Abstract and Figurative”

By Joe Martone

Posted July 5, 2012 in

Thru Sun, Aug. 26

You didn’t go to that one art event we promoted, did you? The one with the decaying art? Seriously? Okay, we don’t blame you—decaying art sounds creepy. Maybe if you want to get some culture in your life, you should start out with something a little softer and more accessible. The Palm Springs Art Museum has a nice theme going on this summer with an interesting twist. The exhibit represents art throughout the twentieth century, with two different styles going to war. It’s a classic take on old versus new: There were the older artists who wanted to represent art in the more classical, structured fashion and then there were the modern artists who took that idea, threw it out the window, and got crazy on their canvasses. However, the art here displays more than just two clashing styles—think of it as a narrative. Artists are storytellers, and the best part is you can make up the story yourself! No one’s really right or wrong in art—so long as it sounds good you can sound like a genius. Go ahead. Head over to the exhibit. Culture yourself. Blow everyone’s mind with how brilliant and sophisticated you sound. Who knows? Maybe you might actually learn something.

Palm Springs Art Museum, 101 Museum Dr., Palm Springs, (760) 322-4800; www.psmuseum.org. Museum hours: Tues-Sun, 10am-5pm; Thurs, 12pm-8pm. $5-$12.50.


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