60 East

By Ashley Bennett

Posted August 30, 2012 in Music

60 East (vocalist).




“One of my best friends Paul ‘SpaceGhost’ McAdams (R.I.P.), my older brother Dim Mak, my father (R.I.P.), life and my team,” says 60 East.


The Jump Off (September 2012).



Not every artist has a happy beginning but sometimes it’s the effect of a dark event that can shape and mold us into what we need most. Artist 60 East is fully aware of the connection between a friend’s and father’s death and his prominent succession as an up-and-coming hip-hop artist of the Inland Empire.

It all started innocently enough, 60 East was a young sibling attached to his older brother’s musical ambitions which included friends working on a label. “I was always around listening and watching them rap, record, write, perform, etc. and at 9 years old that’s when I first decided that’s what I wanted to do with my life. This phase continued until around 2006 when the main artist on my brother’s label ‘Spaceghost’ was murdered in Ontario.”

60 East fell into limbo for a while, dropping out of high school and working construction to make ends meet but eventually he was reunited with a few of his brother’s old friends. It was the kick he needed to jump back onto his destined musical path was losing his father to cancer in 2010. “That’s when I decided was going to put all my effort, strength, time and resources into making it in the music industry,” says 60 East.

Passion for 60 East’s loved ones fuels his lyrical creativity. If you’re not a fan of life stories put into song, you might not get the same desired effect as someone who has gone through similar events. “I am very personal and open with my life and my experiences. My goal at every show is to touch someone through my music whether it’s done by describing a scenario they have been through or sharing one of my own stories and having them be able to relate to it,” says 60 East.

60 East should be on your radar by now since he just got back from a nationwide tour through 15 different cities about a month ago. He’s even running right into plans for performing at Paid Dues Festival and SXSW in 2013. With ambition like that you won’t want to miss hopping on the 60 freeway in either direction to get to Happy’s Grille where an epic hip-hop show will commence.

60 East w/The Holocaust, Bomshot and Timothy Rhyme at Happy’s Grille, 12570 Central Ave., Chino, (909) 904-5501; www.partyathappys.com. 21+. Thurs, Aug. 30. 9pm.


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