Head Transfer Process

By Ashley Bennett

Posted August 2, 2012 in Music

Bryant Crawford (guitar); Jeremy Jimison (guitar, vocals); Chris O’Rourke (bass, vocals); Pat Lujan (drums); Martin DeBourge (vocals).


San Bernardino, Riverside, Hesperia, Yucaipa.


King Crimson, Spock’s Beard, Dream Theater, Marillion, Nevermore, Fates Warning, Mike Keneally, Frank Zappa, Yes, Genesis, Dio, Rush, Dream Theater, Nevermore, Necrophagis and Nile.


In production.



There’s a show brewing in Riverside this weekend and it’s one that will pertain to massive noise levels and screaming metal bands (that’s a compliment to you metal heads out there who know how to put on a good show). One band, Head Transfer Process in particular, has a vision for the present and future sound of metal by appearing at this show.

Head Transfer Process’ name isn’t anything short of perfect for the genre. Jeremy Jimison, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, is the one behind the name which references Dr. Robert White who successfully transplanted the head of a monkey. “Taking the literal meaning into metaphoric it also represents what we aim to do with the music we play. We hope to ‘transfer’ your ‘head/mind’ to a higher level through the music, our level of musicianship and the concepts we write about.”

Locally you’ll find a good handful of metal bands but not all of them will see things about the local artistry and sound the way Jimison does. “The scene is mostly extreme metal with agro-vocals and screaming. It seems like a lot of today’s metal has lost harmony and melody. We miss that and want to bring it back.”

Martin DeBourge, Head Transfer Process’ lead vocalist, knows exactly how to grab both hardcore traditional metal fans as well as the curious new audience members. “We’re fans of doing it right and we value musicianship and quality. So our target audience would be one that feels the same. Striving for a higher standard of musicianship is entertaining to us so we hope that comes across to the people attending our shows.”

What’s most intriguing is Head Transfer Process’ passion for tradition. Sounds simply turn out differently when old techniques are used and DeBourge makes it clear that technology has made humanity handicap by its simplicity. “We hope to capture a new crop of music listeners that long for music the way it used to be done: with a real band in a real band room creating and not just composing in front of a computer screen. Also, please like us on Facebook—we treat our fans right because without them we’re just nerds at rehearsal.”


Head Transfer Process at the Kosher Koncert Series w/ Ana Kefr, Sangre, Nekrogoblikon, Dyer, Awaiting the Apocalypse, Portrait of Gray and Xanthochroid at The Vibe, 1805 University Ave., (951) 788-0310; www.thevibebarandgrill.net; www.koshermetal.com/kks. Sat, Aug. 4. 3pm. $10 in advanced, $12 at the door.



    Been knowing Martin DeBourge for about a year now. Super nice guy, extremely talented in his music, mastering and coaching. Knows the world of music and many genres’ aside from progressive and heavy metal. I met Jimmy JImmison and Bryant Crawford at the 15HIFI Studio in Hesperia while working with Martin and the boys of Head Transfer Project who are doing the background track for my original remake of Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones. Their performance of Stargazer is outstanding and needs a listen! Best wishes guys for the Vibe.

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