The New Varsity

Posted August 9, 2012 in Music

Kyle Feyk-Miney (lead vocals, rhythm guitar); Eric Putnam (lead guitar, backing vocals); Frederick Thomas (bass, backing vocals); Taz Reeves (drums).


Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga.


“We could list bands for days but what influences us the most is the ability to play fun music and make sure that everyone is having just as much fun as we are,” says Kyle Feyk-Miney.


From The Top of Euclid (2012).


There was an era of punk that was born with the likes of ’90s bands like Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World. Even if the style has changed over time, The New Varsity is bringing it back the pop-punk that you love and remember.

The band’s lead vocalist and guitarist Kyle Feyk-Miney agrees that there’s no denying that each generation has one or more songs or artists that defined their juvenile years. “We all looked up to the bands we were listening to back then. It was like they were the varsity team and we were the scrubs. Now that it seems the scene is fading we want to bring it back which would make us The New Varsity.” During The New Varsity’s musical escapades in high school, each of the guys were already involved in other bands trying to attain something great. However it wasn’t until 2011 that the band mates came together in the name of punk ” . . . we decided to resurrect a style of music that was near and dear to our hearts,” says Feyk-Miney.

They don’t need a reason more than a strong passion for the genre. Those who love the easy-listening genre still cover songs by artists like Frank Sinatra because the era reminds them of good times. Eric Putnam, The New Varsity’s lead guitarist, sees no harm in bringing back a similar sound from the past that’s still unique in its own way. “As far as our particular genre, it really feels like there aren’t a whole lot of pop-punk bands around these days. Honestly since we all love that genre so much, that is one of the main reasons we want to try and bring it back.”

According to Feyk-Miney the band’s goal is all about getting a new song to sit in your mind for a week or two. Once it’s stuck there we might just see a growth in the interest of pop-punk once again. The New Varsity’s newest album From the Top of Euclid, is the group’s “freshman” album that will be releasing sometime this month. It’s a throwback to the beginnings of pop-punk with a hope to reawaken those who still dream about the music that accompany the image of a sexy enema inducing nurse. (Ashley Bennett)

The New Varsity at the Luna Lounge, 3220 W. Temple Ave., Pomona, (909) 784-5862; Thurs, Aug. 9. 7pm. $15.


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