By Ashley Bennett

Posted August 23, 2012 in Music

Danny (lead vocals, rhythm, lead guitar); Reuben Cordova (bass, backing vocals); Timothy Hite (lead, rhythm guitar); KeNNyLo (percussion).


Pomona, San Bernardino.


“We’re all very different in taste and style and are influenced by many extremes. From classical to jazz, flamenco to rock, wardrobe to food and lexical to silent. We are inspired by everything: love, hate, joy, pain and whatever the world has to offer. Our biggest influences in music are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Gianluca Grignani, The Dead Weather, Incubus, Pearl Jam, Café Tacuba, Miles Davis and many more,” says Reuben Cordova.


Set The Tone EP (2012).


www.facebook.com/zentonicmusic; www.reverbnation.com/zentonicmusic; www.soundcloud.com/zentonic; www.twitter.com/ZenToniC.


You’re looking stressed, maybe even a little ill. If I were a doctor I might recommend a prescription of ZenToniC. Never heard of it? Oh it’s just a healthy dose of peace and musical sounds in the form of rock. One evening of ZenTonic and you’ll be glad you decided to wean yourself off of whatever repetitive music addiction you’re currently tied to.

You know that feeling when you feel so compelled to seek something out? So does Danny, the band’s lead vocalist. He couldn’t restrain his curiosity when hearing “intricate drum beats” in this distance while working one day which compelled him to drive around, knock on a few doors and discover the source: a drummer named Kenny. Shortly after followed a connection with bassist Reuben Cordova and guitarist Timothy Hite ended the three-man spree and the rest is history.

ZenToniC is respectful to the other local bands, making sure that they’re journey down the path of rock is a smooth one. Cordova especially wants to support the local bands and fans along the way. “We make it a point to stick around after performances to connect with fans, and to support the other artists, knowing that they also endeavor to succeed with their talents and crafts.”

ZenToniC seems to emulate the theme of peace even when it comes to shows, entertaining by matching the crowd’s energy with its own. I mean, the influence of the word zen plays a big part with the band’s sound. To the drummer known as Kenny or KeNNyLo, there must be a balance between how they sound and the atmosphere of where ZenToniC is playing. “We try to adapt our performances to what each venue calls for (i.e. mellow, crazy, fun, intimate) but always transmit our energy into the crowd, making them move in a way they’re not accustomed to,” says KeNNyLo. “We just let our music do the talking and focus on making the crowd feel as good as we do when playing. Our sound is really a fusion of sounds. It’s funky, hard, loud, yet smooth, sexy and loving . . . it’s rock!”


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