Spreading the Stink?

By Joe Martone

Posted August 2, 2012 in News
Something smells rotten in Eastvale, and it may be what keeps the city going. According to The Press-Enterprise, Norco is having a bit of an issue with its sizeable amount of horse manure (an estimated 65 tons produced a day!). Its solution? Dump it in a plant in Eastvale, burn the pile and convert it into energy. We’re pretty sure this isn’t what is typically meant by an alternative fuel source, and Eastvale’s City Council isn’t exactly sold on the plan either. Eastvale Councilman Ike Bootsma has gone on record to say, “It’s like they’re bringing Norco’s problems into Eastvale. They need to keep their manure in their own area.” Then again, this seems to be one of those problems that is going to build up if it isn’t dealt with quickly. Maybe Norco should go back to the drawing board and think up an answer that doesn’t end with spreading the stink to another city.


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