Chicano Comedy All-Stars

By Derek Obregon

Posted August 9, 2012 in

Sat, Aug. 18

What do you get when you take a world renowned chef and put him in a room with a couple of Chicanos? You might think the answer would be a good meal, but do you really think we’d make it that easy for you . . . of course not! What you really get is a night of laughter from the Chicano Comedy All-Stars with special host Chef PJ (a.k.a Chef Tales). This off-the-wall maître d’ will keep you entertained with his real life stories turned comedy acts. He will guide you through a cast that has an eclectic mix of talent and experience. Dillon Garcia is the rookie of the bunch with only four years under his belt, but don’t let his age fool you. He can hang with the best of ’em and has performed with his comedy idol Gabriel Iglesias. He focuses on life for Chicano youth, but the issues he talks about don’t have a racial boundary and affect all the youth of today. Big Al Gonzales has been making waves in the California comedy scene for eight years and has been on both radio and TV and is popular on college campuses. The veteran of the bunch is Willie Barcena who has been at it for 18 years! With a record like that you never know what he’ll come up with next. So come out and experience Chicano humor for the first time or reminisce about similar experiences if you come from a Chicano background.

Lake Elsinore Hotel and Casino, 20930 Malaga Rd., Lake Elsinore, (951) 674-3101; 8pm. $25.


    Richard Jones

    This is going to be a hot show. Seen the Chicano guys at least 5 times and it was great. This chef guy sounds interesting.

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