Chixie Dixx

By Ashley Bennett

Posted September 13, 2012 in Music

Stevie Dixx (vocals); Stikki LoHand (drums); Jizzy Borden (guitar); Taylor Stiff (bass).


Hesperia, Corona, Riverside, Upland.


“Chixx are our number one influence. We’re also huge fans of ‘cheese rock’ and ‘cock rock.’ There are a lot of bands gigging in the IE. With the Chixie Dixx we strive to make sure you are entertained,” says Stikki LoHand.


“We just independently released our EP aptly titled Bag of Dixx. ‘Independently,’ loosely defined, means no label would touch us.”


The Chixie Dixx get some odd looks when it’s setting up for a show. You can’t blame an audience for judgin’ a book by its cover while these guys, dressed in furry ties and scarves, jazzy sparkly pants and enough zebra and leopard print to make you second guess their sexuality, take the stage. But this is a typical experience for the “Dixx.” Soon you’ll discover that after a look around, audience members and waitresses alike are wearing bumper stickers sporting sayings like “Chixie Dixx Rock” and “I (heart) Dixx.” You’ve stumbled into a show of powerful passion of female rock songs performed by dudes.

Described as a hybrid between female and male artists, ie “Lady GaGa meets Ronnie James Dio, Pink meets Metallica or Cher meets Anthrax” according to drummer Stikki LoHand, it’s easy to see the appeal of an originally female-sung music performed by men. Take a few already popular rock songs, give a microphone to vocalist Stevie Dixx and “hard rockin’ testosterone swagger” comes out.

“People who have seen a Dixx show do not easily forget it, no matter how hard they try. We dress up, we involve the audience; it’s a spectacle to say the least. We love winning over places that gave us the ‘who are these weirdos’ look when we set up,” says Stikki. “By the end of the night and four hours of covers later, not a single person leaves the bar. People find it hard to look away. They might miss something. We love being that band.”

Moreso, the Chixie Dixx love showing the Inland Empire a good time, too. “To be honest, Orange County just doesn’t get us, but the IE does. That’s not to say we won’t keep trying but for some reason the IE ‘Chixx’ and ‘Dixx’ just get into what we’re doing. We couldn’t be happier about it. We love our Dixx Army!” says Stikki.

If you feel compelled to wear a little pink, grab a drink and rock out, the Chixie Dixx are often bringing its tunes to venues like Shamrock’s Bar and Grill in Corona and Mavericks in Norco. Lucky for you, the next show will have the Chixie Dixx stopping by good ol’ Happy’s for a night to remember.

Chixie Dixx at Happy’s Grille, 12570 Central Ave., Chino, (909) 904-5501; Fri, Sept. 22. $5.



    One of the most fun bands to go see. They atract a good crowd too.good musicianship, and singing,and some humor thrown in, and they always seem to fill the venues. I’ll go see them whenever possible. \m/

    Stevie Dixx Fan

    I <3 DIXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joe Sessums

    Another local cover band for band of the week? This is a detriment to local original artists.
    May be the author has no endeavor to support local music. Cover bands are not local artists.
    They are glorified copy machines with no artistic merit. Fire ashley bennett please! She obviously has no idea what supporting local music scene is about.

    Rock Lover

    Big fan here!! the Chixie Dixx serve it up right!! I’ve seen them several times and it’s always fresh each time.

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