Maria Sweet

By Lynn Lieu

Posted September 27, 2012 in Music
Members: Dani Maltzman (vocals, guitar), Travis Nielsen (bass), Joey Noren (drums), Matt Switzer (synths).

Cities of Origin: Redlands.

Kindred Spirits: “Our influences include but are not limited to: Metric, Tegan and Sara, The Strokes and Vampire Weekend.”

Recent Release: Short Circuit Start EP (April 2010) and Tutorial (May 2011).


Frequents: The Vault, Redlands.

In 2007, Danielle (Dani) Maltzman and Jessica Espinoza began jamming together both girls on guitar and vocals. It wasn’t until 2009 that they decided to get serious and put out an EP. Short Circuit Start dropped a year later. “We started gigging and decided to actually take this project somewhere,” recalls Maltzman. “Soon after that, our project turned into a band and Maria Sweet was born.” And while Maria Sweet has garnished a local following, Espinoza has recently decided to find a new course in her musical career, leaving Maria Sweet behind. The newly regrouped band will appear at the SoCal Fair on Oct. 13. Maltzman took some time out to chat with the Weekly.

How would you describe your music?

Upbeat, we try and make music that you would want to dance to. We do have our somber side though. We hope that our listeners will be able to take something memorable away from our music whether it comes from the lyrics or a fun melody.

 Can you tell us what changes the band is going through and what audiences can expect for the future?

Our other front-woman, Jess has recently left the band. We both wrote music for the band and our influences and styles were just drifting in different directions. She is currently working on her own music and we wish her all of the best! . . . Since our lineup has changed, we have had to take a step back to regroup. Although it is a sad time, it is giving us a chance to focus on new material. We plan on recording our new EP very soon.

Where did your band name come from? Your Facebook says it’s “lame,” how so?

When Jess and I first started playing, we came up with a really lame band name [Forfittingroom]. It didn’t even make sense. At the time we thought it was the coolest thing but looking back, it’s just really, really lame. We came up with our current band name a while later. The name Maria Sweet is actually a name of a character from a show Jess and I used to watch. It just felt right and we went with it. (Lynn Lieu)

Maria Sweet at the SoCal Fair, 18700 Lake Perris Dr., Perris, (951) 657-4221; Sat, Oct. 13. $8.


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