Calling Erin Brockovich . . .

By Joe Martone

Posted September 6, 2012 in News
Ever heard of a dry county? Well, Menifee and Wildomar are experiencing a more painful take on the phrase due to their water becoming undrinkable. According to The Press-Enterprise, people in these towns are getting screwed out of their water due to high levels of nitrate. Boiling it won’t help either; it’s gotten to the point that boiling it actually makes it worse (go ask a chemist). The private firm responsible for the water supply, County Water of Riverside (totally not related to Riverside County as it turns out), had an extended amount of time to request funds to repair the system from the city government, but it apparently has done zilch. What is going on? There have even been reports of low-income families drinking the water anyway because they can’t afford to buy bottled water. Where’s Erin Brockovich when you need her?

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    If you think thats bad . Welive right across the street from the Perrisraceway off of Burton road we cannt open a window cause the smell from the motorcycles and dust they kickup gets so bad at times you cannt even open your eyes outside, and the city of Perris says its not to loud our bad. whats a person to do ‘Ive tryed to Fight city hall with littledone.

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