What’s Up, Docs?

Posted September 13, 2012 in News
They say it’s lonely up at the top—and the doctors at Corona’s only hospital want to make it lonelier still by calling for the immediate resignation of Corona Regional Medical Center CEO Kevan Metcalfe, The Press-Enterprise reports. A recent vote of no-confidence in Metcalfe comes in the wake of cuts to administrative staff and efforts to contract certain jobs to outside physicians without any input-from in-house doctors, Dr. Joel Pengson, an internist at Corona Regional, told the paper. “It’s to save money but it’s at the expense of patient care,” he said. “Whenever you don’t have a good trust between management staff and the medical staff, things don’t get done.” Well, it seems the good doctors are trying to get things done now. Kevan Metcalfe, here’s hoping you don’t get sick anytime soon . . .


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