By Derek Obregon

Posted September 27, 2012 in

Fri, Sept. 28

Chris Tucker is coming at us again, but this time it’s from a new angle . . . his roots! He may have many talents, but the Chris Tucker that stands out to most of us is the actor. He has appeared in many films and played characters we can all enjoy; ranging from the sly and mischievous Smokey in Friday, to the eccentric and flashy Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element and probably his most famous role for playing Detective James Carter in the Rush Hour trilogy. But before all of the silver screen recognition, he started out as a foul mouthed comedian on the Def Comedy Jam in the early ’90s (for those of you that can remember that far back). Now he’s taking the stage once again in the self explanatory “Back to Where I Came From” tour. His comedy may be a bit more mature because you’re more likely to hear about his money problems ($11 million in debt to the IRS . . . he must have been hanging out with Wesley Snipes) and the President rather than a bombardment of F-bombs. Regardless, I’m sure his reportedly cleaner act will still cause some side aches from laughing so hard.

The Show at Agua Caliente Casino, 32-250 Bob Hope Dr., Rancho Mirage, (888) 999-8123; 9pm. $55-$90


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