Arson & Co.

By Lynn Lieu

Posted October 25, 2012 in Music
MEMBERS: Mark-Christopher Pasco (guitar), Arturo Heredia (guitar), Edgar Perez, (bass), Kimberly Marroquin (vocals) and Rey Cabato (drums).
CITIES OF ORIGIN: Rancho Cucamonga.
KINDRED SPIRITS: The Smiths, Duncan and Shiek, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Bloc Party and more.

RECENT RELEASE: A five-track album is in the works.
FREQUENTS: “We’ve performed at The Wire four times so far, and that’s the only place we’ve played at more than once,” says Chris Pasco.

Photo by Ryan Morris Photography

Sometimes the best things are found on Craigslist. The website, infamous for funny personals and known as a place to get some of the best free stuff (moving boxes and cool housewares), is also where the members of Arson & Co. happened to find each other. While Chris Pasco, Art Heredia and Edgar Perez share a common skate scene, Kimberly Marroquin and Rey Cabato were enlisted through the classified advertising website . . . and the rest is hopefully history in the making.

How would you describe your music?
Chris Pasco: Instrumentally, our music is pretty simple, technical wise. Although I try my best to make it as appealing to people as I can.
Kim Marroquin: As far as vocally, I have my influences, but honestly, I just sing. I don’t experiment much at all with trying to sing any particular way to fit the style of music we have. Whatever comes out, comes out.

How did you get involved in music/how did your band form?
Pasco: Freshman year, I took up guitar just on a whim, and I think the natural progression of anyone who enjoys playing guitar starts to want to play with other people, in a band.
Edgar Perez: I’ve always kind of been involved in music because of my family. I was skating with Art and Chris one day, and they asked me if I wanted to play bass in our band, and I said, “Yeah if you teach me”
Rey Cabato: I originally had a band in high school, but all my friends grew out of it, and I kept going. For about five years I would play on and off in random bands and stumbled onto this band on Craigslist a year ago, after that it’s been great.
Marroquin: When I was young I used to sing to the grass in the backyard and pretend they were people. Ha ha! As far as this band goes, I found them on craigslist. For awhile I had decided that playing music was no longer an option. That it was time to kind of join the real world and realize that music was maybe just a hobby rather than a passion. But people reminded me just how much I loved it, so I went searching for a band to join. I found them and auditioned for them. It’s one of the best things I have ever done.

Arson & Co. at The Wire, 247 N. 2nd Ave., Upland, (909) 985-9466; Thurs, Oct. 5. 7pm. $10. And at The Palm Springs Pride Festival at Palm Springs Stadium, Sunrise Park, 1901 E. Baristo Rd., Palm Springs; Sun, Nov. 4.  


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