Holly Pulliam

By Lynn Lieu

Posted October 5, 2012 in Music
Members: Holly Pulliam (songwriting, vocals, guitar).

Cities of Origin: Lake Elsinore native; Seattle transplant.

Kindred Spirits: “Artistically, I am most influenced by life and relationships, circumstances, events, social injustices, personal heartbreak, etc. . . . As for who inspires me, my number-one influence would have to be Bob Dylan, followed by other great songwriters like Neil Young, Noah Gundersen, Radiohead, Rocky Votolato, Iron & Wine . . . my list is endless.”

Recent Release: Of Life & Love (Feb. 2012), Black & Blue EP (Spring 2013).

Websites: www.hollypulliam.com.

Frequents: Flour Fusion, Lake Elsinore.

Holly Pulliam writes about life and relationships, and about six months ago Pulliam did what many of us in the IE dream to do: pick up and leave. Considering herself a hybrid of singer-songwriter and folk with a hint of pop, Pulliam began her musical ventures at 14 years old when she started piano lessons. By the time she was 17, Pulliam was writing one to two songs a week. Now at 25, after a painful breakup, Pulliam has relocated to Seattle for a fresh start. And while the songstress resides over a thousand miles away, she returns this week for a show in her hometown. She’s also planning on making the trek from San Diego north to Seattle for a tour next year.

Why did you relocate to Seattle? How has it been since your move?

I had been entertaining the idea for years, but never very seriously. Then, after going through a painful breakup and wrapping up my first album, I figured it was a good time for a change . . . It has been so good for me to be a part of the artistic community here, and I have met so many incredible friends already. It is not for the faint of heart, though. As any musician knows, there is a need for thick skin—you have to be able to hear “No!” a thousand times and have doors slammed in your face. I am not easily offended or discouraged, so I am doing okay. But I would not recommend large cities to those who have sensitive egos.

How different or similar is the Seattle music scene to the IE’s?

Seattle is very rich and overflowing with amazing talent—which is great! But it also means the competition is pretty stiff. The IE is not as saturated, which is not necessarily bad. It can make it challenging to network and build relationships with other musicians, but having fewer of us also means more opportunities. It is much more difficult to get booked for gigs in Seattle, especially if you are not local-grown, whereas in Riverside or Lake Elsinore, I have found it to be easier to get in contact with venues and be heard. However, I arrived here only six months ago, so my roots have not yet taken and I am an unknown face in a sea of singer-songwriters in one of the most wonderful music scenes in this country. Regardless of what level of success I achieve here, I am so grateful I made the move and I am loving every minute of my life.

Flour Fusion, 133 N. Main St., Lake Elsinore, (951) 245-1166; www.flourfusion.com. Fri, Oct. 19. 7:30pm.


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