The Kyms

By Lynn Lieu

Posted October 18, 2012 in Music
MEMBERS: Chrisol Lomeli (vocals), Jose Cruz (guitar), Fabian Marquez (bass) and

Melissa Garcia (drums).

CITIES OF ORIGIN: Chino and Yorba Linda.

KINDRED SPIRITS: “We take most of our inspiration from some progressive, punk and reggae music,” says Melissa Garcia.

RECENT RELEASE: Currently recording an EP.


FREQUENTS: The Wire Music and Art Venue, Upland.

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The Inland Empire is cursed and blessed by its bigger county neighbors: Orange, San Diego and, especially, Los Angeles. Next to the wealthy suburbs of the OC, the destination spots of San Diego and the big lights of Los Angeles lies the Inland Empire. Most people don’t come to the IE for music and when bands make it big and relocate to one of our neighboring counties, it’s more often than not those transplants represent their new hometowns. For up-and-comers The Kyms, the IE is still home. “We just consider ourselves an Inland Empire band,” says guitarist Jose Cruz. And we hope it stays that way.

How did you get involved in music and how did your band form?

Chrisol Lomeli: I had been singing for some time and on my 13th birthday I got my first guitar. I learned my first two chords and was so impatient that I wrote a song with them. I have been a singer-songwriter ever since. Initially I performed by myself acoustically and met Jose soon after. We realized we worked well together and looked for more musicians to recruit. Fabian had already been working with Jose and was really enthusiastic about the project and Melissa was a mutual friend who we asked to join up. We played our first show together back in April of this year and things have been progressing since then.

How would you describe your music?

Melissa Garcia: It is definitely music that you can move to. Whether you want to dance or just rock out, we have a unique sound and energy that translates to the crowd. We are unique because we are not hardcore, yet we’re not pop rock.

Can you tell us about your new EP?

Fabian Marquez: Right now we are focusing on performances and track-by-track recordings . . .

Lomeli: Our EP is a project that is always under development. We did some at-home recording and have incorporated really clean recordings from our performances at The Wire Music and Art Venue. We are hoping to have some of our new songs studio recorded and available by spring of 2013. However, you can listen to us on Facebook!

Where in the IE do you frequently perform?

Lomeli: We have played several different venues ranging from lounges to pubs. One spot we try like to play every so often is at The Wire Music and Art Venue in Upland. The engineers there are some of the best we have worked with and it is a great middle ground venue that is accessible to all of our fans.

The Kyms with Facing Hurricanes and The Moderates at The Wire Music and Art Venue, 247 N. 2nd Ave., Upland, (909) 985-9466; Fri, Oct. 19. 7pm. $10.



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