Give ’im a Brake

By Joe Martone

Posted October 18, 2012 in News
Schrödinger’s brakes. Did or didn’t they fail? It depends on who you ask: the CHP or the Riverside County DA’s office. According to The Press-Enterprise, officials this week reversed their earlier stance concerning the Hemet High School car crash of 18-year-old Daniel Carrillo that occurred earlier this year. Carrillo had asserted brake failure was the cause of his truck going out of control and hitting 30 students, but the CHP declared his claims untrue after only a week’s worth of investigation. Whoaah now, put the brakes on this thing! This week saw a news release from the District Attorney’s office saying “certain initial information regarding the circumstances of the crash was inaccurate.” In light of these findings, Carrillo will not be charged—though this decision goes against the CHP’s vehement recommendation to charge him—with the injury of eight students who were placed in the hospital, putting one of them in a week-long coma. The lesson to be learned? There are lots: Regular vehicle maintenance is important. Newbie drivers need to be careful (Carrillo was a new driver with a 15-day-old license). When cops and prosecutors can disagree . . . kids like Carillo get lucky.


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