By Joe Martone

Posted October 25, 2012 in

Sat, Oct. 27

Food, glorious food! Yes, that will be the sentiment of the day when you’ll have the opportunity to get deliciousness by the truckload. Don’t mistake that pun for a metaphor; there will be so many different and unique dishes that you won’t be able to choose, only stare at the aisle of trucks in awe. A bona fide multi-course meal is driving up to your doorstep, and even if you don’t live in Palm Springs the tastes are well worth the trek. Eateries such as Chi-Town Hustler, Pierogi, Ooo La La Crepes, Chubby’s Food Truck, Mustache Mike’s, Suite 106 Cupcakery . . . the list goes on. No one can say no to diving into freshly baked crepe, covered in powdered sugar and filled with Nutella and bananas. Nor can you deny your mouth the rewarding satisfaction of a juicy burger from Chubby’s. With so many options parked all around you, you should hope that your stomach is as bottomless as your wallet. It will be the ultimate treat for your taste buds, so what are you waiting for? Tickets are selling fast because everyone’s mouths are watering at the thought of good . . . no, great food so stake your claim before these gourmet restaurants on wheels ride off into the sunset.

Spa Resort Casino, 401 E. Amado Rd., Palm Springs, (760) 883-1000; Tickets $10-$30. Children under 6, free. 


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