Former Upland City Manager the Latest to Catch Felony Charges

By Jesse B. Gill

Posted October 22, 2012 in Web Only
Upland’s been giving crime reporters a lot to work with these days. This time, the city’s old city manager, Robb Quincey, popped up in the news after he was arrested Friday.

The Upland city council sacked Quincey, 52, in May 2011 on grounds that he breached his employment agreement and didn’t follow its direction. This coming after months of high drama involving Quincey, his ex-fiancee and a July 2008 police report detailing a string of angry text messages Quincey allegedly sent her after she refused to marry him.

Quincey wasn’t charged with a crime in all that nonsense, but the Upland police sergeant who investigated the incident (essentially Quincey’s subordinate) sued the city, claiming he was passed over for promotion because he was, you know, doing his job and everything.

Quincey settled that dispute and a separate complaint by Upland cops. But he failed to tell the council about it. He settled the claims for $50,000, which was more than he was supposed to, per council orders. Remember this because we’ll come back to it later.

Investigators from the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office arrested Quincey Friday and prosecutors immediately filed felony charges against him—misuse of public funds, benefitting from a public contract and perjury. All big no-nos for public officials of Quincey’s caliber.

Upland taxpayers are out hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to Quincey, according to a statement issued by the District Attorney’s office, but the hows and whys of the situation haven’t been sussed out yet, at least not publicly.

Upland has seen its share of (alleged) corruption on the part of its city government lately.

Regular readers of The Watch Dog (all four of them) will remember that we launched the blog on a story about former Upland mayor John Pomierski and a bribery case.

Prosecutors say the charges filed against Quincey stem from the same investigation that eventually landed Pomierski in prison for a few years after pleading guilty to federal bribery charges.

But that’s about all prosecutors are saying—the exact details of why Quincey was arrested some five months after being fired as Upland’s city manager haven’t been released. And as always, the District Attorney’s Office is using the whole “this is an ongoing investigation” thing as a reason to not divulge said details.

“I made a commitment to the citizens of this county to battle public corruption, and we are doing just that along with the support of our federal partners,” District Attorney Michael Ramos said in a prepared statement. “We will continue to work together to combat this misuse of public trust.”

Which is great, as far as canned statements from elected officials go, but it does little to tell taxpayers what Quincey actually did.

Court records show that Quincey was charged for alleged violations he made on Jan. 12, 2010. Remember those two claims he settled involving Upland cops that led to his firing? That all happened in January 2010. There’s a better-than-strong chance that’s not a coincidence.

Quincey bailed out of West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga late Friday night. A man of his means never stays in the holding tank very long. And since he is no longer in custody, prosecutors don’t have to hustle him into court.

In your typical case where the defendant isn’t someone who can afford to post their bail, the DA’s Office has to file charges and get them in court for arraignment a few days after the arrest. If not, the defendant goes free.

But once the accused bails out of jail, all bets are off. Prosecutors filed charges before Quincey’s arrest, so that part’s buttoned down. What comes next is a court appearance where he’ll have to answer to the charges against him.

But since he’s no longer in custody, that date hasn’t been sent yet.

(Credit where credit’s due—one can’t research Upland or the charges against the city’s officials without reading the work of Sandra Emmerson of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin and we most definitely did. We’d be remiss if we didn’t ask readers to at least throw her a follow on Twitter @UplandNOW.)

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