Twin Oaks

By Lynn Lieu

Posted November 21, 2012 in Music
MEMEBERS: Aaron Christopher (guitar, keys, percussions and vocals) and Lauren Brown (lyrics, melodic structure and vocal).

CITIES OF ORIGIN: Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley. Currently residing in Upland and Chino.

KINDRED SPIRITS:Carole King, Neil Young, Jenny Lewis, Mazzy Star, Jeff Buckley and more. “I also love the idea of applying scenery or natural environments like snow or rain fall to create natural moods. I’ve always felt there was something incredibly honest about the kind of intimacy that’s evoked through really simple composition. It became a sort of template towards our songwriting,” says Christopher.

RECENT RELEASES: Not An Exit EP (Nov. 27) available digitally BandCamp and through iTunes and Amazon.


FREQUENTS: “I’ve personally performed at places like The Wire and DBA256 in Pomona with past bands,” says Aaron Christopher.

It’s not often that a band will relocate from a large metropolitan area to the Inland Empire, but for Twin Oaks the transition has only made its music stronger. Aaron Christopher and Lauren Brown, both transplants from Los Angeles, met through a prior musical endeavor in 2009. After pitching ideas to the band and realizing their fluidity, Christopher and Brown teamed up to form Twin Oaks, which Brown describes as “something you need to hear for yourself” and “a pleasant melting pot of emotion, melody and originality.” The two are currently residing in the IE and on the verge of their new release, took some time to chat with the Weekly.

Can you tell us about your new EP?

Lauren Brown: Well, it took a while to release since we have written, produced and recorded everything on our own. It’s relatively based on my personal situations and experiences as well as those around me. I also like to draw lyrical inspiration from movies. The EP is a simple collective of well-crafted acoustic, dreamy pop songs; it’s relatable and lovely.

How is the music scene different in LA than in Chino or Upland?

Aaron Christopher: There definitely is a larger population of bands in Los Angeles given that there’s just so much diversity and so many places to play in one city. You get Hollywood, Silver Lake, Santa Monica, Venice, Ventura County . . . all in one branch. It’s a bit hectic.

Brown:  Music scenes vary everywhere you go, I think it’s more relative in Claremont and Upland than in Chino, given the accessible venues. Where there are people willing to put together shows, there are people willing to play.

Has moving changed your perspective as musicians?

Brown: I’ve traveled quite a bit in the past so I would say that shifting from city to city and absorbing their musical culture has definitely kept me open to different approaches to songwriting.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know? 

Aaron: I should also add that you can download the title track of our EP “Not An Exit” from UK Webzine GoldFlakePaint on their recent compilation titled Lie Still Near You for free. You can check it out at


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