Girl in a Coma Join Forces with Cursive and Minus the Bear

By Jamie Solis

Posted November 9, 2012 in Music
Photo by Josh HuskinExpect Girl in a Coma to bring vibrancy, life and musical ecstasy to the stage—no artificial breathing machine required. Coming to the Fox Theatre in Pomona this weekend with big names like Cursive and Minus the Bear, you may wonder how the ladies behind this indie rock band have been so successful in their musical pilgrimage. In 2006, the band got it’s first big break performing at the Knitting Factory—Joan Jett fell in love with the familiar ’80s inspired sound and Girl in a Coma was signed to Blackheart Records. Since then, the group has released many albums, including Adventures in Coverland and its most recent, Exits & All the Rest. Charged with energy and originality, Girl in a Coma’s music is known to encourage fans to be true to themselves. Here at the Weekly, we had the opportunity to pick the brain of Phanie Diaz, the talented drummer from this all-female trio.
Let’s just say we’re disappointed we weren’t there to take part in the band’s Vegas shenanigans.

What’s the story behind the name, Girl in a Coma?
It comes from the song “Girlfriend in a Coma” by the Smiths.

We see you’ve been busy on tour and recently played Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin. Any memorable or exciting stories you want to share with fans?
This tour overall has been lots of fun and amazing! Cursive and Minus the Bear have been super sweet. Last night was memorable but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Your newest album, Exits & All the Rest, has very meaningful and deep lyrics, generally what message are you trying to convey to your fans?
To be honest and true to yourself and your surroundings.

How does your song writing process usually work?
It starts out with Nina. She writes the main guitar hooks, lyrics and then we come in and write our parts.

What can fans expect from Girl in A Coma in the immediate future?
More records and tours!

For those of us who need to hear more, where’s the best place to find out about upcoming shows?
You can find all of our tour dates and more at

Minus the Bear with Cursive and Girl in a Coma at The Glass House, 200 W. Second St., Pomona, (909) 865-3802; Sat, Nov. 10. 7pm. $25.


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