An Inconvenient Truth?

Posted November 8, 2012 in News
Because politics hasn’t been enough of a mess this week, it seems that Riverside will be playing host to its own scandal. Brian Smith, head of the Riverside Police Officers’ Association, has just written an open letter to the Riverside City Council and Mayor that call into question several odd events. The complaints center on an October scuffle at a City Council meeting wherein local gadfly Karen Wright, 60, was arrested—and handcuffed—for speaking to council members for longer than the allotted three minutes. The arresting officers stated in their official reports that they acted under the orders of City Attorney Greg Priamos, who heard about the reports and asserted that this was false. Lying in a police report is a crime and Priamos has refused to elaborate to the press, invoking an attorney-client privilege that apparently no one in his office can question. Smith is taking a stand for his fellow law enforcers, defending Wright’s rights (no pun intended) and insinuating Priamos is not qualified for his position: “In short, allowing the City Attorney to essentially call the officers liars is not and will not be tolerated by the men and women of this organization.” Does anyone else yearn for the days of public office being dull?


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