Disrespect Your Elders?

By Joe Martone

Posted November 1, 2012 in News
There are certain kinds of people you have to look at and just wonder how their minds work. Murrieta resident Janice Susan Deutsch, 47, might serve as a stunning local example. She was arrested and charged last month with great bodily injury to an elderly person after she brought her mother to a Mission Viejo hospital. Deutsch said her mother would not move from her outdoor chaise lounge chair for a week, despite occasionally being in 100-degree plus weather. The 86-year old further refused medical care. Deutsch’s response? Hosing her mother down and not calling 911, because she allegedly did not approve of the standards of local hospitals. However her standards seemed to be content at a level where her mother was dehydrated, sunburned, covered in urine, feces and bleeding bedsores and her legs were locked in a bent position. To exacerbate matters further, this isn’t even Deutsch’s first strike. Animal control stopped by her residence last year to remove several emaciated and malnourished horses that were being kept in extremely subpar conditions. She was subsequently charged with an animal cruelty felony that was reduced to a misdemeanor. On second thought, maybe it’s better not to know what’s going on in there.


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