Suicide Silenced?

By Jamie Solis

Posted November 3, 2012 in News

Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence (Facebook Suicide Silence)

Riverside Metalcore Band Suicide Silence frontman dies from motorcycle injuries

Heavy music fans everywhere are devastated by the recent death of Mitch Lucker, the energetic frontman for Riverside-based metal band Suicide Silence. Lucker passed away early Thursday morning from injuries he received in a motorcycle accident on Halloween night, according several published accounts, including OC and LA Weekly.

Known to deliver a range of vocals from high-pitched screams to deep growls, the 28-year-old extreme vocalist’s talent, strong work ethic and positive attitude contributed immensely to the band’s international success, fans and supporters—who’ve been pouring in—say. Formed in 2002, Suicide Silence banked on its burgeoning popularity by performing deafening deathcore across the United States and Europe. When the Weekly interviewed the band back in 2008, Lucker and other band members talked about how they had been doing full-time touring since 2004 with little time off.

“It can get rough, of course you miss your family,” Lucker told the Weekly about life on the road. The band had just been signed to Century Media and released its first album, The Cleansing. Invited to tour the country with Rockstar’s Mayhem Festival, Lucker told the Weekly: “We’re all very excited to be playing with Slipknot, and our friends in the other bands.” The band’s success got the group invited to join the tour again in 2011. Suicide Silence released The Black Crown in July. The band was booked to play later this month at California Metalfest VI in San Bernardino.

Your family misses you, Lucker . . .


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    John the baptist

    Same old shit. Another throw-away-band needed to fill in space at promoted venues.

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